Buying OTM Calls

I am expecting that the stock will move up atleast by 10% in the upcoming 2 weeks. That means the stock will be trading around 3100 in a week or two.
CMP of HEROMOTOCO AUG 3300 CE is 3.25.
I am willing to take risk of only around 1000/-. Therefore, I am willing to buy this OTM Call since the maximum loss that I’ll be incurring will be limited to 975/- (300×3.25).
So my question is if the stock moves up to 3000 or beyond that, then will the premium of this call increase or not? I wish to sell the call option before expiry at a higher premium in order to make some profit.
Pls help me!

The Option pricing isn’t as straightforward as you think, especially when Expiry is approaching the Options tend to lose their value fast because of theta decay.

Would suggest you to give Varsity a read to get better understanding about Options.

Lets say you take the trade as you mentioned and lets say the price moved up exactly as you expected.

You will lose money in the trade … unless … the price moves up in a quick n violent manner and you book the profit in a timely manner.

Make sure the move you’re anticipating happens as early as possible because by the time that 10% happens you might lose money equal to or more than your profits :joy: and end up where you started. Don’t ignore other Greek factors like theta and Vega.