Buying SBI Card shares

Hello guys,

I am noob to trading and Zerodha. I am planning to buy few thousand SBI Card shares as an investment. I am looking to buy at PreOpen price or at the price of first few ticks. May I know, What options do I need to choose through kite and When should I put in the order to satisfy my need?

Since this is a big order, I dont want it to be rejected or partially filled. Is it safe to place the order through phone? The sales rep told me to place order online than through phone.

What is fastest way to transfer more than 1 cr from SBI to Zerodha in a single day, Preferably want to transfer share release day Mar-16(Mon)?

Nobody answering calls @ 080-49132020. Any help here please.

I have applied for IPO. Since I want to buy more shares as an investment. I want to know, How I can order shares in Pre Open session through Zerodha for new IPO?

Any info on How to order shares through Zerodha for a new IPO in preopen session?

BSE and NSE allow a special pre-open trading session for IPO shares on listing day. The pre-open session last for 45 minutes (9:00AM to 9:45 AM ) during which orders can be entered, modified and cancelled. If you want to be certain to get the shares you would have to place a market order. ( But it can be very high price also). If you have applied for IPO it is good but I would advise you to not buy it at the open on 16th march. Every share gives you dip or correction after some time. So wait for 4-5 days at least to buy. If you are totally determined to buy then buy only with one third of your amount and save the rest for later.
P.S. : Search for SBI Cards in the search panel of Kite (on listing day only) and add the scrip on your marketwatch. From there you can place your orders.

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Thank you Stonecold. So there are no special options I need to select while placing an order at 9 AM.

No special order. Just the market order will suffice.