Buying Tbills in Kite

Team, in last auction I have purchased 100 quantities of TBills and it got allotted with the Average price of Rs. 98.36.
Today I am able to see the same in Kite. I have following questions, could someone please help,

  1. if I buy the same TBILL in Kite, what will be the charges? Is it same like purchasing through COIN (₹6 for every ₹10,000 + 18% GST) or it will have different brokerages.

  2. at the end of 91 days, will the holding price will come to Rs.100 or due to market fluctuation we can not guarantee that. The reason is after it got listed, 2% drop in price.

  3. if I buy the TBILL in Kite, do I need to exit manually or based on the expiry RBI will close the TBILL and process the amount directly to bank?

Since you’re buying T-Bills from the secondary market on Kite, there will be no brokerage charge as the brokerage for delivery trades in 0. However, statutory charges like STT, stamp duty, etc. will also be applicable as explained here: What are the various statutory charges associated with trading and investing?

The LTP in the market will depend on what price it is traded at. However, once the T-Bill matures at the end of 91-days, Rs. 100 will be credited to your primary bank account.

You don’t have to do anything at your end. At the end of 91 days, the T-Bills will be debited from your automatically and the maturity proceeds will be credited to your primary bank account within 15 days.