CA for tax audit...anybody knows any CA for traders tax audit

CA for tax audit…anybody knows any CA for traders tax audit…preferably in pune mumbai…based on there own experience…

Maybe @TAXIQ.IN can help you.

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You may contact Oneil Dmello 9967376515

Thenx for taking effort to reply.


google says may be hacked.
Also I am not able to open it.

in this line if you skip this one… there are so many tax consulting online firms are there…so no worry.

In todays world there is no dearth of finding someone with your place only…he can be from anywhere…tax audit for the PY 2016-17 has already passed its dates,…are you referring for the current year which will be over by March 31,2018?..anymore clarity you need you mar write to me…

Which city do you live in?

You can write at [email protected] in case of clarifications …

@Investwise was it for me?

Yes anuj… i got my account audited last FY.