CAGR/IRR of my Coin Portfolio

Hi @NithinKamath /@faisr/@Bhuvan , currently only absolute returns are provided in the Coin folio. But, as we all know, the correct metric to track folio performance in case of SIP investments is either CAGR or IRR. I see IRR being shown in the corresponding Fund page. I believe this should be a very very basic feature available to users. Do you expect us to calculate CAGR/IRR using excel sheets?


You do have a point. We will include this soon.


A rough ETA as to by when can this be done? Can I track the progress somewhere?

Please raise priority of this feature. I am very much interested in it. :slight_smile:

If its absolute return they are showing and not cagr, then I guess the mutual funds showing 20% return after 5 years is less profitable than a normal bank fixed deposits which will give 7% p.a for 5 years.

@NithinKamath , did the feature request fall on deaf ears, or will something be actually done about this?

Yes, IRR/CAGR is must please include them ASAP.


Any ETA on by when can we expect to see CAGR?


@Karthik Is this coming soon?

I am also looking for this. Everyone - please can also respond to this post so that we have ETA for this feature from Zerodha?

@nithin Can you guys let us know through a pinned post and/or by replying whether these feature requests made it into your backlog of features?

Any feature request should have progress tracking page somewhere. i am sure Development team would have a more advanced feature request tracking system … only thing is it not published here on forum

similar to below

much needed basic feature…

IRR feature is available in WealthTrust app. This is right measure to calculate SIP return instead of Annualised return. Not moving completely to Zerodha because of this lacking feature

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