Calculate angle with streak

Hello Steak Tech team,

I have a annual subscription with Streak . I have written a indicator in pinescript to calculate the angle of price, ma or any other indicator. I cannot pay for both tools . I am blocked at the moment.

indicator('Angle Oscillator', overlay=false)

src = close
price2bar_ratio = input(title='Price To Bar Ratio', defval=6.3985)

get_degrees(src, price2bar_ratio) =>
    180.0 / (22.0 / 7.0) * math.atan(ta.change(src) / price2bar_ratio)

plot(get_degrees(src, price2bar_ratio))

can you please write a streak equivalent for this. I have tried but could not get this done.

@Streak can you assist, please.

Hi @vk1

Your requirement cannot be created as of now with the available functionality of Streak.

The angle plotted for price or moving average is subject to change and can vary based on the scale and level of zoom on the charts. Therefore, we haven’t included a dedicated function specifically for measuring angles. To illustrate this, consider the following two images.

In the first image, I’ve drawn a line to determine the angle of the trend. However, as I zoomed out to get a broader view, the previously derived angle no longer holds the same significance. Please refer to the second image for the zoomed-out perspective of the chart.

Hence, due to the above reasons we have not included this function in Streak as it can also cause issues while verifying backtest results or live alerts. However, I have noted your requirement as feedback for future implementation and forwarded it to the concerned team for further discussion and consideration.

For now, you can try using the Period Min/Period Max functions to create rising/falling conditions or to determine trend lines. Refer to the link to learn about this in detail - Create (Advanced) - Streak Help

Hope this provides clarity.