Calculating dividends for tax return purpose

For tax filing purpose, I need to calculate the dividends.
What is the easiest, most reliable and accurate way to calculate the total dividends for a financial year (FY 19-20) ?
My dividends are reflecting in one of my bank accounts but the bank is giving only the pdf statements. It is too manual and painful to calculate it.
Why cant sebi or some regulators mandate that some agency to provide this info so that millions of investors dont have to sweat it out?

On Console you can download your Tax P&L report, which will also include EQ Dividend Breakdown for the given period for holding’s you have in your Demat account.

The dividends distributed by companies and mutual funds on or after 1 April 2020 are taxable income of the investor. so Dividend will be taxable in the hands of shareholders in the financial year 2020-21 …

Thanks for the reply. That is very very useful. I also have shares in ICICI direct and some of them are common between zerodha and ICICI Direct. For example, I have Reliance 50 shares in ICICI Direct and 100 in Zerodha.
I guess zerodha shows dividends only for holdings through zerodha. How do I get the same for ICICI Direct? And, how do I get a consolidated one?
Will it be there in NSDL or CDSL ?
This needs to be addressed as a industry and regulator.

You can only see dividends for holding’s in your Zerodha account.

Don’t think this will be possible. You will have to refer to your bank statement to calculate the total dividends.