Calculating P&L in multiple orders, same scrip

Suppose if I have made some trades like this
(All are in MIS and same scrip)

  1. Buy at 887
    Sell at 887.5 Quantity 100
  2. Buy at 887
    Sell at 887.5 Quantity 100
  3. Buy at 887
    Sell at 888 Quantity 100
  4. Buy at 887.5
    Sell at 888 Quantity 66
    Average buy price : 887.0902
    Average Sell price : 887.7268
    Quantity: 366
    I am seeing all these trades at average price in my open positions page.
    So Can I just use the Avg Buy price and Avg sell price in zerodha calculator?
    Will it give me the correct P&L or Do I have to calculate all 3 separately?
    How does zerodha charge? On each trade or the combined Average buy and sell?
    Please clarify…Thank you.

Average Price is 702.5 ???

Sorry I was just giving an example. Wait let me update it with actual prices. Thanks for helping me out!

No, all are different Trades.
Enter the data of each Trade separately To calculate your Profit/Loss.

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Not Sure about This.

Please see if you can figure it out now. I’ve updated it with the actual trade prices.

You calculate all this data in Zerodha Brokerage Calculator and tally with the Contract Notes Tomorrow Morning.
You will get the clear Picture.

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Yes! Will do it. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!

For Intraday Zerodha charges 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower for each executed order.
You have executed 8 orders so brokerage will be calculated separately for each order so you should calculate them separately in their brokerage calculator to get a clear picture.

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One more Thing What are you doing???
There were so many opportunities in many Stock to trade today and you were doing multiple Trades in Just One stock Again and again?
Please share Your Thought Process.

Repeatedly buying n selling multiple times will increase your overall stamp duty & other taxes charges and reduce the profits significantly.

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All these trades have been executed by my friend :slight_smile: He is new to stock market and just trying things out without taking much risk

Okay, Good but Tell Him to Decrease the Quantity for learning purpose.

Yeah​:joy::joy: That was the first thing I did when I saw 366 quantity. Thanks for your time and help.
Happy Investing!