Calculation of STT

I had a doubt on the STT calculation. I had the following trade (delivery) —
Symbol Buy qty Buy avg Buy value Sell qty Sell avg Sell Value
ENGINERSIN 5 ₹157.10 ₹785.50 5 ₹167.10 ₹835.50

As i understand, the STT charge should have been (785.5+835.5) X .1 / 100 = 1.621

But i see that the STT charged for this trade is 35. Did not understand how this was arrived at.

Seems like something is wrong. Share your contract note here. Or contact zerodha immediately

@rajray Hi,

Can you please send an email to [email protected] with your client ID and we’ll have this checked.
If you bought and sold in CNC the same day, it’ll be considered an intraday trade. In which case the STT is 0.025% on the sell side. Check here for details.

In both the cases, the STT is not exceding Rs2