Calendar Spread contracts on Kite



I want to rollover my positions from near to mid contract but don’t see these calendar spread contracts available on Kite. Is there something I am missing or Is this expected?

There are many issues with multi leg trades. For example I can’t rollover positions in ban scrips currently and given the fact that you don’t want to allow even intraday position buildup on ban scrips in the platform, atleast giving spread trading option to rollover positions is necessary. With physical delivery also taking full effect this would be an invaluable feature.


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One can place orders separately, I mean place two different orders. Close this month contract and open next month. Even with spread the same will happen.
For Ban scrips, agree with you, the roll over is not smooth, one need to call us to do this. Will check with our team if something can be done.


Doing multiple orders has huge risks involved if we are placing passive orders. I actually incurred a loss few months back rolling positions on Bank Nifty like this. The purpose of calendar spread is exactly to avoid this and even volumes seem to pickup in these contracts closer to expiry. Would be great if you could push this on priority.

Thanks for mentioning call and trade facility :slight_smile: