Camarilla pivot level in kite chart


Is it possible to plot following camarilla pivot levels as horizontal line in kite charts?

C = Previous day close

H = Previous day high

L = Previous day low

H4 = [0.55*(H-L)] + C

H3 = [0.275*(H-L)] + C

H2 = [0.183*(H-L)] + C

H1 = [0.0916*(H-L)] + C

L1 = C – [0.0916*(H-L)]

L2 = C – [0.183*(H-L)]

L3 = C – [0.275*(H-L)]

L4 = C – [0.55*(H-L)]

Please clarify. If not is there any plans to add it to kite charts in near future?


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Camarilla Pivot Points aren’t available in Kite but are in Pi. You can right on any chart in Pi and select Pivot Points>Camarilla.

I need it in Kite as its very light weight and can see anywhere in any machine…

Can you please add the same in Kite as well?
With other pivot’s in place already i dont think this is a big change…so please consider.

Thanks…I tried in Pi now as you mentioned.
It is plotting camarilla levels as u said but only for the current day.
For previous days its not plotting the camarilla values. If you see in KITE if we plot “pivot” indicator, it plots for all days based on calculations. Is the same view possible in Pi also?

Can anyone please check this and respond?

That is not possible on Pi. It plots Pivot levels only for a day.

**@nithin @siva **

**you already provide both Standard as well as Fibonaci PIVOT levels on KITE chart. **
**Request please facilitate Camarilla Pivot levels on KITE chart. **

Thanks much in anticipation!!

Will check on this.