Camarilla pivots

Why i am unable to attach camarilla pivots in kite ?

Camarilla Pivot Points aren’t available on ChartIQ.

On TradingView, You can add Standard Pivot Points from Indicators and from Indicator settings you can select Camarilla.

Thank you for your quick response…i have tried the same and its working…meanwhile i am not able to H5/H6 and L5/L6 levels of camarilla in charts,? Any issues?

Looks like 4 is the max you can add.

Yes…but 5 & 6 are target points for trending instrument…i use MT4 indicator which has all data

This limitation is from Trading View itself, we just use their charting library.

can we not ask tradingview to show missing levels too?

and what about camarilla in PI, is it also same like in Kite?

Trading View on their own platform, display 4 Levels only.

I haven’t used Pi, so cannot tell.