Can anyone clarify whether this fund provides IT benefit or not?

Fund Name on Zerodha MF: HDFC Prudence Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
Minimum investment:5000.

I am unable to find any information on Lockin Period and whether its investment is exempt from Income Tax.

This is not a ELSS/Tax saving fund, hence no tax benefit. If you are looking for a HDFC scheme which is eligible under section 80 C of IT Act, then you can invest in HDFC Tax Saver Fund - Growth which will have a lock-in period of 3 years from each date of allotment. Once you have invested in this scheme and receive the allotment of units, the scheme will then reflect in your portfolio. There is an option call ed ELSS investment statement below the portfolio window. You can generate this statement and provide it your employer for claiming the tax benefit.

Also, if you want in depth details about a particular scheme then you can refer the Scheme Information Document (SID). If you open the particular fund page on the mutual funds platform, there will be a link below the SIP calculator which will redirect you to the AMC website from where you can download the document.

I did go through the Scheme related document, but couldn’t find anything. Also, the tax saving details for the scheme takes to a generalized Tax details for all HDF schemes. Can you clarify how you identified the Tax benefits and Lock in Period?

If you check the screenshot below which is taken from the combined SID, then you can see that the lock-in period is mentioned for the scheme. Similarly, you can check other details fro the schemes in the SID.

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