Can anyone help me automate my trading strategy---IN Pi or as Kite API

I've Analysed my Positional Trade orders as follows

Order1.Buy NiftyFuture(FEB) above 8776,Stoploss @ 8684,Target @ 8854

Order2.Sell NiftyFuture(FEB) below 8684,Stoploss @ 8776,Target @ 8559

HedgeOrder1.Buy Nifty8700PE @ Marketprice

​HedgeOrder2.Buy Nifty8800CE @ Market Price

I've to Place Orders 1 and 2 as AMO....(I could do it either in Terminal/Excel CSV)

If anyof Order 1 Or 2 gets executed,Place Stoploss and Target Order as One Cancels other type

The Stoploss and Target Orders should be carriedforward till one gets executed and it should be modifiable at any point of time.

Along with Order 1 or 2 gets executed i need respective Hedge Order 1 or 2 also to be placed automatically.

This Hedge Position should be exited on either the Stoploss/Target  of Order 1 Or 2 gets Hit.

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