Can anyone help me with the screening of gap up opening stocks

i want to find the stocks which are up by the gap in the past day, i know the screener sites like icharts and but i am not sure which term to use for screening such stocks. can anyone please help me with:
the term used for screening the gap up stocks and
any other indicator which is to be used with this?

I can help you build a google sheet screener for the same, let me know if u r interested

please go ahead and explain me how it is done. thanks in advance

check this. Please note that it works perfectly from Tue-Fri Evening. For other days, some changes are to made in columns having previous day prices ( with Suffix “1”).

if i want to custom feed the data of stocks and then how can i do it, sorry for this but i am a little shorthand in excel, so please elaborate

Do you mean, having some other stocks in the list?