Can anyone please tell how to use math fucntion "greatest" and "count" on chartink with examples

How to use below math function on chartink

Greatest (fields)

Count( duration, filter)

please give 1 example

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Hi bro, even I wanted to know about how to use the functions you have mentioned… Can anybody help us ?

See 4 and 5

Thanks bro… But I have already checked that… But that post didnt help, while making a script a filter in the count and count streak function goes on endlessly… Pls could you help us with an example?? A screenshot would do good… May be I can give u a scenario.

I want to filter the stocks that moved up for 4 weeks continuously above the 20 DMA.

Kindly help us with an example… thanks in advance

Mr. Tapovan I have found the way to use the count function. Here is an example below.