Can buy same stock and hold in two demat accounts?

I have a doubt here, if one person has two demat accounts with different brokers, can he buy or hold same stock in both demat accounts, for example, can he buy tcs and hold in both demat accounts?



Yes @sristock. There is absolutely no problem in buying shares of the same company via different brokers and holding them in separate DEMAT accounts.

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YES provided you are registered with 2 different brokers and hold 2 different demat accounts too. each broker will credit the purchased shares in the demat linked with him.Please note that broker and demat are 2 different things,
if you are registered with one broker but maintain 2 demat accounts ,the broker will credit shares in the demat linked with him .later you can off line transfer part of shares from this demat to other demat if desired.

as in your bank accounts you are free to have as much amount you can have,
in demat you free to choose which stock to have and what qty to have.
also for convenience if you like you can link both broker with one demat.

Yes, you can open any number of demat account and hold stocks in them.

Thank you everyone for clarifying my doubt