Can charactersticks of single candle chart overlaap with multiple candle stick chart?

Not sure if I understand ur question Nishant, could u pls explain it a little more?

Yes it can, Single candlestick can also be a subset of multiple candlestick.

Have you completed the course in varsity nishant? (On candlestick patterns)

You can post your questions there and will get prompt replies.

i want to say that like DOJI is a character of single candlestick chart can also find place in multiple candlestick chart ?

actually , i am not getting that aastro,what you are saying that doji and spinning tools can also find place in multiple candlestick chart and character of multiplecandle chart such as dark cloud cover etc. can find place in single chart? can you ellaborate in detail aastro?

Like the Bullish engulfing pattern,
The first one can be a normal candle while the second one larger candle can be a Marubozo.
Together they form the bullish engulfing pattern, but the second candle marubozo is a single candlestick pattern as you know.

so whats the difference from technical point of view in both , if they overlaap each other?

In such a case, both will most likely interpret the same thing.
In the example I gave, the trader has to initiate a long position on the stock.

have you have , watch it

Thanks Nishant. That link is useful.

so in a candle chart , so all the single and multiple characters are formed?

Yes, not always. But you should look for such occurences.

when did zerodha pi is coming , which nithin is talking about?

I dont know, you should ask or give them a call.
I use only the web platform.