Can foreigners make fixed deposits in india?

rules regarding taxation interest earning & repatriation back to country of origin ?

with respect to both bank & corporate deposits ?

with respect to both retail individuals & institutions


Yes, all Non residents can open an NRO/NRE account and maintain fixed deposits in India.

Repatriation will depend on the type of bank account maintained.


An NRI fixed deposit is a term deposit opened by a non- resident Indian in one of the Indian banks. Many banks in India offer customized fixed deposit schemes for NRI customers who wish to deposit rupee and foreign currency in Indian banks. NRI fixed deposits offer attractive rates of interest on your savings and help you grow your finance. Compared to normal savings deposits, NRI fixed deposits are high interest yielding financial products. They pay you fixed rates of interest on your deposits until a specified maturity date. Banks in India offer fixed deposits for NRIs at competitive rates of interest for varying tenures.

i don’t mean NRI , i mean foreign citizens and foreign corporations etc

Foreign citizens are Non resident Indians.

foreign corporations that have absolutely no relation with india . what about them ?