Can government employee do weekly options trading

Can a government employee trade weekly and monthly options (No intraday trading)?

Check this article. But you may also want to check with your HR department.

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But as per tax norms F&O are non speculative. And article which you’ve shared mentioned that “No Government servant shall speculate in any stock, share or other investment”. So as per my understanding govt employee can trade in F&O.

Am I right?

Thanks for the article, i had no idea this was the case. very informative.

It’s highly depends on employment type and position held. Options trading may involve conflict of interest. Whether a government official can trade options depends on the official requirements and legislation. If there is no conflict of interest and the law permits to trade, the public official can trade options. But it should also be taken into account that this can be considered a dirt because many people consider stock trading incompatible with public affairs.

Supposing some govt employee trades and even declares it as business income and pays tax on it, will the income tax dept notify the person’s employers regarding their FnO income?