Can i access Kite outside India(during market hours) and place orders?

Say i travel to US or Europe or maybe China, can I access my Kite account and place orders during market hours?
In what countries would I not be able to use Kite?


Yes, you can access KITE during and after market hours from outside India and trade (place orders) as you like.

My job requires me to travel to various countries in middle east and i never experienced any problem with kite from outside India. The same seamless experience from every nook and corner of the world


Can I access trade through my Pi and kite account from a foreign country?

Hi @Shubham_Patel, Yes. you would be able to access Kite/Pi from anywhere in the world.

If I forgot trading password, user I’d what recovery process other countries ? Please reply

The process for retrieving your User ID and resetting the password has been explained here: