Can I add an Exponential Moving RSI Average over an RSI Indicator on Kite?


I saw a video on this but it is for Pi. Is it also available in Kite? Can you add one indicator over another indicator on Kite?


You can add an indicator over another indicator on both Pi and Kite. So you can add an RSI indicator, and you can add moving average on the RSI. Here is the link:

First, add RSI on the chart and then select moving average from the dropdown. Instead of selecting adding moving average to the closing price, choose add moving average on RSI."

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please mention code for pi sceener the same


which drop down? can you please post a screenshot, please



Dear Bhuvanesh,

This is not working for me, somehow RSI is not coming in drop-down menu.

No idea where I m getting wrong.

Thanks in advance.