Can I add "Other credits/debits" of Zerodha to my speculative income loss?

Can I add “Other credits/debits” of Zerodha to my speculative income loss?

How can I know the charges only for the intraday and STCG?

While calculating net losses or gains from intraday trading, you can deduct security transaction tax (STT) paid on your transactions. Other expenses incurred solely for trading can also be claimed as deductions.

@Quicko Can you.

Hello @MKDan,

Against Speculative Income/Intraday Income, you can deduct STT, Brokerage, Commission charges, etc, and also all other expenses also which are directly in relation to your trade. However, any other expense not having a direct nexus with speculative income is considered as an indirect expense and you cannot claim that.

*Other Credits/Debits" of Zerodha include various fees for administrative & other purposes for eg; Account Opening fees, Delayed payment charges, DP Charges, etc.

As the above expenses are not directly related to your Intraday Income, you cannot claim the same as expenses.