Can i be successful trading a 1:1.4 RR pullback strategy?

can i be successful trading a 1:1.4 RR pullback strategy?

Only thing that u need to check with a RR ratio is the % of trades that you are successful

Many traders who’re professionally trained have told me that they’re successful in 40-60% of their trades.
Then ask yourself the following questions

  1. What % of trades do u expect to be successful (as a minimum / When planning for ur risk, take conservative estimates, that way u can’t go wrong.)?
  2. Considering that you will lose 1rs per bad trade, and make a minimum of 1.3-1.4 per good trade, how does it even out?
    My calculation suggests that a minimum of 50% of trades need to go well, for u to make a profit.

Now ask yourself, the profit % that u are making, is it worth ur time? is it what you want?
If yes, good.
If not, increase ur RR, and look for trades that fit into that type of RR.
3) Trading is a marathon, not a sprint. Plan accordingly. Some plans look excellent for a 100m race, but are they good for a marathon?
4) Always have a strong SL. Don’t get addicted to HOPIUM (Hoping that the price will EVENTUALLY come up, and letting the price go below ur SL.)
If u r stopped out, respect it, and move on.
If too frequently happening, rethink ur SL.
Look @ DATR (Tech indicator). That’ll tell u the avg expected price range for a stock (this excludes breakouts)

Good luck.