Can I buy a share after selling it if the price go up?

Hi, If I purchase a stock for Rs. 100 in delivery and sell it for Rs. 110 after T+2 days. The moment I placed a sell order on 110 I realized price of the share is going up and reach till 120. How can I maximize my profit in this condition on that particular day while the sell order is in positions? If I buy the share back how does that work?

It wud get executed at 110, now you ll get at 120 which wud make no sense

It cant be in positions whether a lmt or mrkt order

Thanks Varun.

if i buy a stock A at price 100 at 2/4/2019 and sell at price 120 AT 20/4/219 at 9:30 AM. after selling stock falls ,if we buyback stock A at price 95 at 20/4/19 at 1:00 pm what will be the scenario in this case ? what will be the profit/loss calculation in this case ? is there any penalty regarding this?

You will be in profit of 20 rs per share. There will not be any penalty. There maybe taxes and brokerage but they are very less compared to the profit.

I would like to clarify that a stock does not fall by 20 percentage in a normal day. If it is falling then there might be really bad news about the stock. It is not wise to buy a stock with bad news. Because it may go down further in upcoming days.

Thanks for your response & time sir ,
(IF) I get to buy to buy it at price 95 at same day of above case what will be the scenario .
( i am aware of 10% fall of price ,which is absolutely not a wise decision to buy).

case ( indusind bank- 22/4/19 /type -BTST)
BUY PRICE-1690 @22/4/19
SELL [email protected]/4/19 profit- 18 points
at 23/4/19 it showed in position with (SELL ) and price fall upto 1650 and profit was shown 55 points , but i couldn’t buy it due to lack of knowledge and also new in market.
In that case if i would buy it what would be the calculation except 18 points BTST?
could i get that profit of 55 points which was shown?
thank you

No. Your profit is 18 points. Even if you buy at 1650, you are holding 1690 position at a loss of 40 points which results in 58 - 40 = 18 points net profit.

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thanks sir

No sir please, i m just a normal trader

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Yes, you can buy the stock after short selling. Once the client short sell, the scrip goes down for e.g you have short sell 100 shares at Rs.500 each and the price goes down to Rs.400 then you will earn Rs.100 per share. Now at the same price, you can buy the stock.

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can you please provide some name of you tube channels or websites for learning technical analysis, from where i can identify trend ,levels,suport, resistance and other important factors.
thank you

As I am trading options intraday, I follow price action strategy with 5 minutes candle chart. I studied about candlestick patterns and technical analysis from zerodha varsity but I don’t use them in trading.

Maybe someone with experience in swing trades can help you. Because they determine target and stop loss using technical analysis

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It si not a wise decision to become a seller and buyer at the same time as you have to stay in the right direction. You cannot walk forward and backward at the same time. You will end up with no profit or little profit or no loss or little loss. This is not the norm of trading!

I am with last poster here, what you describing here it’s something in the sense of the options here, binary if I would remember correctly, probably there you even heard about such ability to be possible anyway, correct ? Thanks in advance.