Can i change SL & Traget orders using BO

Hi , this is Sudhakar.

i am placed SELL order using Bracket Order

 ORIENTBANK SELL @ 273 , Target - 267 ,SL- 276, Taril SL - 1point

if stock price move to 270 then my SL changed to 273(automatically updated by system).

now can i change my SL to 274(with 1point loss) , Target to 268 and  Taril SL 0.5point?

if stock price move to 269 then can i change my SL to 271(with 2points profit) , Target to 268 and  Taril SL 0.5point?

Please reply ..



Yes you can Modify the target and SL by clicking on modify button on the order book (F3). Check the Link it has few example's and in detail about how the Bracket Order & Trailing Stoploss works.

This has been explained in Bracket Orders and detailed page in Zconnect as Anil has pointed out. Please read it in case you need more clarification.

Also, the conversations over there say that only SL and Target can be modified, not the Trailing Stop Value. So if you have set your initail Trial SL value to 1 absolute point, you cannot later change it to 0.5 points, I guess.