Can i continue with COIN even if i close the trading account?

I hardly use my trading account anymore and i was planning to close it, mainly because i don’t want to pay 300/- per year for a service which i don’t use. But I have two SIP’s on COIN and i want to continue using COIN for my investment purpose.
Zerodha has always been advertising that SIP through COIN is just 600/- per year but they never told that i’ll have to keep my trading account as well and pay additional 300/- for that.

I called zerodha support multiple times but I couldn’t get a clear answer regarding my concern. Can anyone help me understand what i should do?

The Rs 300 AMC you are referring to isn’t applicable to a trading account but for the demat account. Since all your MF units are held in demat you need to have a demat account if you want to continue investing.