Can i create a Strategy on Finnifty using Streak? is it supported?

hello @Streak

people trading using Finnifty is picking pace, and can I create a strategy on Finnifty using Streak??

kindly assist!!


Yes you can using a dynamic contract

Hello @Muskan_Anjali @Rajesh_K1

Kindly note that Streak currently does not support the Finnifty instrument in Dynamic Contracts. However, you can backtest and deploy strategies on the Finnifty Futures and Options by manually selecting the active futures contracts. Refer to the below screenshot for the steps to add the Finnifty contracts.

You can backtest and deploy the selected Finnifty Option and futures for the time of their contract validity, after the expiry of the contract you will have to manually select the active futures contract again.

Note that integrating Finnifty Futures and Options contracts with the Dynamic Contract feature is already a part of our roadmap.

Hope this helps