Can I fund zerodha with some other account?

I want to fund zerodha via some other bank account ( my other current account ) is that possible ?

No… you can tranfer funds to zerodha only via your bank accounts linked with them…

I think you can link maximum 2 bank accounts to your trading a/c

can I link my current account , which does not have my name ?

I am not an admin here but I think it’s totally possible anyway no matter how you really put it. If you do earn a bit more than needed. I do hope it will working out if that other account is basically actually yours cause it maybe considered like money laundering.

The bank account should be in your name to link the bank account to your trading account… so that you can transfer funds to zerodha directly & withdraw funds back to your bank account from your trading account.
The dividend gets credited to that bank account as well…