Can I get the Live prices of some stocks in ms Excel?

I want live updated prices of stocks in Microsoft excel sheet. How to get it?
@siva @ShubhS9

fetching data on Excel is tricky… you can use google sheets it is very easy to fetch data… you can read this, you will get to know how to do it

Don’t take me wrong. I know this forum is organized by Zerodha. Just sharing my knowledge. Before I started trading in Zerodha, I used to trade in Kotak Securities. In their desktop app, there is option to export wishlist data to excel sheet. It is also live with colors. You can select the fields you want.

Note: I’m no longer associated with Kotak Securities!

Oh okay. I think They also have this option in zerodha pi. Need to check it tomorrow in live market.

Yeah, possible from pi but not from kite.