Can I have multiple DP ID

Can I have multiple DP ID.

before joining zerodha I was trading through SBICAPSEC. I was registered to CSDL and was given a DP ID for IPO applications.

later when I opened my account with zerodha I again got registered with CSDL and was given new DP ID for IPO applications.

I know that DP IP consists of Depository ID + Beneficiary ID. and Depository ID is unique for each Depository. so even if my earlier Beneficiary ID would have been used, then also I would have got a new unique Demat ID.

My question is why I was allotted a new Beneficiary ID, when I was already having one ?
will there be any problem because of this.

Yes, you can. Since the accounts are with different brokers a new beneficiary ID will be created.

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Technically you can even have Zerodha connected to your SBI DP Account

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will there be any complications because of having multiple DP ID

A demat account is like a bank account for shares, you can have as many. The only complications are in terms of managing multiple accounts and having to pay AMC on each of the accounts.


Ok thanks mate for guidance.