Can I make a 100% safe return of 24% in stock market, at present?


A country whose GDP is struggling to reach 5% - this is a bit too much of a wishful thinking :slight_smile:

And if this can be possible then people will stop depositing money in banks, business men will stop their business and many people will prefer quitting their job and live off the 24% return …cause as far as I can guess, most of the businesses in India do not have a 24% net profit in their balance sheets…lol

Having said so, I assume you are asking that is it possible to make 24% returns in stock markets. The answer is yes if you have the skills and the ability to pick the right stocks. However nothing in 100% safe here and you will have to take your chances and if you are lucky then maybe 24% returns will happen :slight_smile:


It is easy to make a 24% return in the market, especially when you are dealing with a leveraged instrument…but the question is, isit repeatable :slight_smile:


hi anoop , what is 100% out of 24 % of stocks ?

@Rakesh, if 24% is tough, how could Madan Kumar make 300% last year? Asking out of curiosity :slight_smile:

and if it is scalable :slight_smile: