Can I open my account at Zerodha using my Aadhaar?

Has the Aadhaar based account opening gone live?

Good news, if you are KYC verified you can open an account with Zerodha using your Aadhaar in a few minutes. Here is the process.

Click on open an account

  • Enter your Name, Mobile and Email
  • Set a password
  • Enter your PAN number and DOB
  • In the next step you have to select your account preferences, equity, commodity or both
  • Click on Pay & Continue. You can make the payment via multiple modes such as internet banking, debit, credit cards etc
  • Enter your bank details, background information, and click continue
  • Now you will see two options. If you have your Aadhar you can click on it and continue, if not you can just download the forms and send them over to us (No docs required)
  • Assuming you have an Aadhar. you have to upload the bank proof, either your bank statement or a cheque. In case you want to trade in F&O upload income proof
  • Click on E-Sign and create an account using your Google account or your email.
  • Click on sign and input your OTP which will be sent to you on your mobile

That’s is it your account will now be opened and you will be able to see the client ID on the top of the screen. The final step for you would be to courier us a signed copy of the POA page in case of equity and ECN in the case of commodity account.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is an IPV required if a person is KYC compliant?
If a person has an account with a different broker or if he has invested in mutual funds he will already be KYC compliant, so an IPV is not required.

What if there is a name mismatch between the PAN and Aadhaar of a KYC compliant person?
Whenever a person is signing using Aadhaar, an Aadhaar KYC will also be done in the background. So we will be able to see the photo of the person who is signing which can be compared with the KYC photo. This will ensure that a mismatch doesn’t happen.

Can a joint demat account be opened if both the holders/signatories are KYC verified?
At present any account that will have two signatories even if they are Aadhar verified cannot open an account using Aadhaar signatures.They will have to follow the existing account opening process.

Can an NRIs open an accounts using Aadhar?
No, they cannot. They will have to follow the existing process, i.e PIS.

Can an existing client with an equity account open a commodity account using Aadhaar and vice versa?
Yes, they can*

What if a client has already paid the account opening fee?
He will have to pay the fee once again and he will get a refund once the account is opened.

If the client ID is generated instantly, from when will a client be able to trade?
He can start trading in 6-8 hours.


A very Interesting article. Has all the information in detail for Zerodha Account Opening Procedure.

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Can a person open two different accounts one with fno other with commodity/equity, what will be the charges then?
Would 2 separate demat accounts be created?.

I have suggested one of my colleagues to open acount through zerodha. He has filled the online formalities and e signed the docs. According to him there was no option to upload his passport size photo but his application got rejected stating that he hasn’t uploaded his photographs.

Any1 knows the answer pls reply to question asked in above post.

Yes, you can. Demat account is needed only for equity and not for commodities. The charges will be Rs 300 for an equity (trading+demat) account and Rs 200 for a commodity account.

i have a name mismatch between my pan card and banker proof and i used my banker proof as address proof and its asking me bank verification letter , can you tell me how to get it