Can I place Trailing StopLoss like this?

I know that if I put ‘1’ Absolute trailing tick, then with every 1 point movement of LTP, there will be 1 point movement in SL…

But, Can I place Trailing SL like this?

If there is 1 point movement in LTP, then 2 points movement in SL ?

…And can I change my SL after reaching some level and then after SL trails from that revised SL levels?

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No, not possible

The number of points/ticks the Stop Loss Trigger moves (Trialing Stop Loss value) is equivalent to the number of points/ticks the LTP moves.

So if you want your Trialing SL to move 2 points, the LTP should also move 2 points. If your TSL moves faster than LTP then it will catch the LTP very soon. This is not the logic behind Trialing SL. Your Stop Loss should get triggered only when the LTP takes opposite direction i.e. some retracement.

Why would you want to do this?