Can I sell my direct MF bought on Coin through MyCams


I have to close my Zerodha Demat and Trading account. However I have bought some mutual funds (< 1 year old) and I do not want to sell them right away as there would be exit load applicable.

I logged into MyCams and most of my MF are visible there, however I cannot transact. So my query is there a way I transfer them to MyCams and transact from there? If possible, what is the procedure? Can someone explain.

Keeping Zerodha demat open is not an option for me as my new job only allows me to have demat with their approved brokers. So what are my options if I dont want to sell the MFs now. Selling is the last option.

Any help will be appreciated.


Please suggest any possible solution.

Since MF bought through is held in Demat account, you cannot sell it via CAMS. But you can re-materialise by submitting the required forms to Zerodha. Then you can hold or sell via CAMS.


Another thought which I missed previously is that my wife has a demat account with Zerodha and that would continue. So I can transfer all the MFs to my that account? Right?

Yep… for that also u need to submit forms…