Can I sell my shares post record date of buyback and then buy again beofre the actual tender date


This is regarding Wipro Buyback wose record date is on 21st June. Can I sell my shares on 22nd June and then buy again befrore the actual tender date. WIll I be eligible to tender my shares ?


you can very well do . the share will be trading ex buyback from 20 June means you can even buy on 19 june and sell on 20 june and also become eligible for buyback .


Hope my question is fully understood. In my case, I won’t be holding the shares continuously from the date of buyback and till the tender date. I will sell in between and buy again.


yes you can sell any day on or after 20 June and buy again as and when you want till 2 working days before buyback closer. last time it took 75 days from record date for buyback to start .
you do not even have to wait and sell after record date but if you want you can sell on ex day which is 20 June and buy later as and when buyback open .