Can I sell Share from CDLS?

I have purchased share from Zerodha but still did not fill the POA for so I can’t see those share in Zerodha account.

Can I sell purchased share from CDLS?

send a mail to Zerodha customer support

Not possible!

You can’t sell from the depositories, if you don’t want to provide POA to broker, they can’t show this on kite as they cannot debit the shares from your demat once you sell from broker.
Only thing you can do is transfer the shares to other demat from the cdsl.

So I need to fill the POA form?

YES depositories are only for transfer of shares and you need a broker to do the transaction. you can transfer the shares to your brokers demat as and when you sell ,and broker will transfer the shares to your demat as and when you purchase . it all depends on your broker if he insist on POA .

Thanks for you reply, I have account in Zerodha and POA is necessary in to sell share.