Can I short sell in Cash Market?

Hello, Guys, I wanted to try short selling stocks in cash market, Is that possible ?

I would have to select MIS mode right? and is there any brokerage charged on short selling or on squaring position?

please help me clear the doubt. Thank You

you can take in cnc, but will have to square off intraday,
that’s why mis is better if you forget to squre off it will automatically squared off

Also, short selling requires any margin? if yes, how much , where can I calculate the same?

same margin in cash and future market, but in options selling requires more margin

you can calculate it in zerodha margin calculator

Same margin in futures and cash? You mean I cannot short sell any desired quantity in cash market? As in futures there are lot size , I can short sell only those multiple of quantity in cash market too ?

you can short, depending you order fully executed,
order execution depends on liquidity of stock and your order quantity and price

Yes Thats what I want to know, Say am shorting XYZ stock but 100 quantity, whereas the futures size is 800, and margin is 80,000, so should i take the 100 share proportion out of it to calculate the margin I require for my 100 qty?

i meant cash buying and selling need same margin
and future buying and selling requires same margin
but in option selling takes more margin than buying

Sorry if thats a lot of question, just to clear it, If i need to short say 1 share worth 200, I need to have equivalent margin worth Rs 200 ?

brokers provide leverage that’s same for buying and selling, around 14x in case of cash

this forum is for this purpose, so no need to be sorry

thank u so much