Can I sponsor my cousin who is a student by showing my salary details, to open a trading cum demat account?

She is having a separate bank account.

She is having PAN card too. But no income currently since she is a full time student.

She worked for 2+ years in the past and have those salary slips, but currently unemployed.

I can provide, Affidavit, sponsor certificate etc., whatever is the requisite.

You can’t really sponsor. All that your cousin has to do is give a 6 months bank statement or else an auditor certificate with a networth. There is no minimum networth that exchanges in India ask for.

Just provide a copy of PAN Card, Identity Proof, and six months old bank account statement along with four photographs. Thats it.

Sir, I just created my account a week ago. I want to activate FnO segment, I cannot get six month bank statement as the account is only 1 week old. I am a student so there is no chance of ITR or Salary slip, what can I do to activate FnO ?

You can start buying some shares for long term investment and get a statement of holdings from your broker and submit that as an income proof. This would allow you to activate the FNO segment. I would suggest you to first try out paper trading at sensibull to get a hang of trading FNO , since you can lose much more than how much money you have in your account.