Can i trade liquidbees?

I have discovered something. Look at this chart. Liquidbees fell many time in 2017 in opening bell. If i place AMO buy order daily i think if price falls again, order will get executed in lower price and it will reverse in a minute! What do you think?

These are just stray ticks. The value of Liquidbees doesn’t change so you cannot trade it.

@Bhuvan Could you tell me if i buy at 999.99 and sell in the same day at 1000.01, can i profit Rs .02 (gross profit)?

you will be in loss due to brokerage and STT. check zerodha brokerage calculator.

If you’re trading Liquidbees say 100 quantity even at a 0.2 point profit, the charges would still be higher than your profits. Not a good idea to intraday trade liquidbees.


  • Stamp duty

There’s no STT on liquidbees?

@Srinivas I know about the charges thats why a i asked about gross profit.

@Spaceship Correct, there’s no STT for liquidbees.

@jesuslovesusjohn you’ll be in a net loss if you trade liquidbees for intraday.

@Srinivas what do you think about the chart that i have posted. That is weekly chart. Liquidbess fell many time in 2017. About 10-40 points and reversed in 1 minute. If i buy at 990 or lower what will happen. I think there will be no fear of loss because the price reverse to 1000. You can observe the chart