Can I transfer my mf to other cdsl account

Due to my employer policy I cant invest in mutual fund
So I want to transfer my mf to my mom account can I done this with csdl easiest

From my account to mom account

Got this from another website. Might be useful

Units of a mutual fund are transferred to a surviving member in case of an untimely demise of the first holder, it is known as ‘transmission’ of mutual funds. On the other hand, a ‘transfer’ is said to happen when all the unit holders are alive.

Ref : Mutual Fund Transferability – Gifting and Transferring of Mutual Funds

Hope this helps

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You can transfer your MF to another CDSL account through easiest, find more on this link

I think this link would be useful if the MF’s are transferred to another demat/broker with the name of same person

But here the scenario is to transfer to another person