Can investors check ipo allotment status on allotment date?

I’m asking this because when I applied for an FPO last year, the allotment didn’t seem to be out on the same day as per schedule. And by out, I mean I wasn’t able to verify my allotment.

I believe alot of people have different experiences, is it generally delayed?

Right now I see the ipo names Clean Science and GR Infra on the BSE India website ipo allotment status check Page. But the same don’t appear on other websites like Karvy, in time etc.

Also, what are the chances of getting alloted if one applied but didn’t get a mandate? Wondering if anyone had such a experience. I got an email confirmation that I applied along with an application number, but for some reason no mandate.

@mohitmehra Can you.

The IPO allotment status is supposed to be published by the RTA on the allotment date. Usually, it is released by the end of the day or the next day. The IPO timeline on the prospectus (and on the timelines of the exchanges/brokers) is indicative, and sometimes delays occur.

The RTA (Registrar & Transfer Agent) doesn’t consider your application unless you accept the mandate to block funds in your bank account. You can use this checklist to ensure the mandate comes to you when you apply next:

  1. Did you enter the correct UPI ID?
  2. Is your UPI app updated to the latest available version?
  3. Does your UPI app and bank support IPO bids? - Check here.
  4. Have you received the mandate request on your UPI app but didn’t get a notification? - Click here.

Once you place your bid, we submit it on the exchange. The exchange then sends the bid to your bank via NPCI so that you can get the mandate request on your UPI app. Here’s a representation of how the application flow works:

Click here to learn more.

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