Can NCDs brought in Zerodha platform?

Can I buy and NCDs by using Zerodha, if so then what would be ticker for it, if not how can I buy NCDs from market ?

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Non-Convertible Debentures(NCDs) are debt instruments that can be bought from your trading account similar to how you buy and sell shares. Debentures are listed in the N series, that is N1 to N9 and NA to NZ.

In Kite, you require to type the equity name and the list of debentures listed under it will also load up in the universal search dropdown.

Let’s take IDFC for example, if you look for it in Kite, this will load up in the Kite search -

The description of each N series is given next to the NCD name.

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Where can I find the new NCD offerings. Basically is there any place where I can see the NCD IPOs ?

I am new to investing. Kindly help.


I think you can refer to NSE and BSE’s websites for upcoming issues of debt and equity.


  1. Live Public Issues - BSE
  2. IPO - NSE India

You can also check this page on the Edelweiss website. It has additional information about Upcoming NCDs, About To Be Listed NCDs and Recently Listed NCDs.

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Do you know when can we expect Zerodha to allow us to bid in new corporate bond offerings?
Zerodha support has been saying “very soon” from over 6 months. Would you be having more clarity here ?


Sorry, will take a few more months. As an alternative, you can invest in these bonds post listing too, won’t make a material difference. In fact, you may find better opoortunities too : )