Can nifty & Banknifty go to Minus

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Let’s says may be in next 1 year or 2 years (nifty 16,025 gone to zero ) like covid fall or recession fall…I know nifty is (Nifty 50) and bank nifty is (banking index)

Can nifty and bank nifty go -1, -2, -3, -400…etc.?


I’ll let you decide.


The weight of the stock in the index can go to zero. The market cap of all the companies can also theoretically go to zero. But can they go negative? Nope.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty WILL NOT go to 0
Nifty and Bank Nifty CANNOT go -ve

In the series Scam 1992 you can see Mr. RJ saying this dialog before starting his journey to become big bull:

“Market agle 30-40 saal me 35-40K jayega, 3000 se zero nhi hone wala.”

Sensex made ATH of 60K few months ago.

I wish it goes to zero so that I can then buy the nifty 50 companies at its face value. Imagine, Buying TCS at 1 INR, and others too. wow.

One of my collegue faced open heart surgery. He was reluctant and in the end agreed. The day of the surgery he was very worried. The doctor told him, he will be giving sleeping tabs before moving him from the ward to the operation theater, so that he will sleep (it seems they do a lot things prelims before giving anesthesia) and they will do the surgery. If things goes ok he will wake up and everything will be fairly ok. If something goes wrong he will not know at all.
The doctor gave him the sleeping tabs, he slept like a baby and they did the surgery and he came out ok.

The scenario presented is something similar. If nifty 50 goes to zero then it will be like Ukrain war situation where people will be running away to protect their life and at that time if nifty 50 is zero or minus or plus does not matter. Please note nifty 50 cannot become minus unlike crude which went to USD 37.5 negative on april 20,2020

Crude did not go to negative in Apr 2020
Only a specific Futures contract (WTI) of crude, which is physically settled at specific location in America went negative.

Slight but very important difference.