Can Nifty crash?

Can Nifty crash from here as some people are expecting? some say it’s made a double top, also election hype is going to settle from today… But hope for a stable govt. would still be there… please share your thoughts…

People said double top at 11761, when it was clear it wasn’t.

Now 11860 has come, now actually technical analysts should say huge breakout and blue sky territory.

But even that is not happening LOL

Regarding the election part, better not to predict and just follow the market. Lots of permutations and combinations are there. The hot money which came in Feb 2019, will it exit before opinion polls, or after opinion polls, or after results. Who knows.

In this month, if you see the game has been of premium eating, and nothing has happened entire month. All the exuberant bulls butchered and all bears anyways getting butchered since months now.

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Yes, according to my Astro Gann analysis, Nifty will crash to 5000.

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Regarding “election hype being settled”, opinion polls are the next key event.

Will the punter who entered in Feb book profit and run? Or will new punters enter? All this can happen around May mid. And this will happen before you, me or any retailer even gets an inkling of what opinion polls are telling :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome ! i’m waiting desperately for nifty 5000 since past 4 yrs


Good to hear, will buy 5000 PE immediately :slight_smile:

@Newbie420 : Now Nifty 50 is at 11,753.70 do you expect bull run again to happen tomorrow onward ?

Usually expiry week follows the trend of the whole month, which is flat.

I am not very excited on either side - bull or bear - since weeks now. Operator wont let the market go down, and overpriced call premiums wont let it go up.

people won’t let their funds bleed, not even to 10K again, i guess. The only way might be up, sooner or later. that’s how world work now. PS: i’m not bull or bear. :slight_smile:

Lol 5000 will be impossible , so whats the difference between people who invested before 5 years and now ? There is always value for time.


I respect your your astrological prediction but crashing to 5k highly unlikely to happen, as almost all the market experts expecting earnings recovery from 19 - 20, on the contrary market may touch new high in coming years.