Can one customize a simple moving average source by any mathematical formula?

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You are asking for a customized indicator on your trading platform. Not possible presently on any of the trading platforms in India. On our yet to be released platform Pi, we can build you a custom indicator, but for a cost.

For time being, you could draw those charts in excel, pradip.

All you need is back data or historical data. Many vendors are providing it.

1 min data is available in google finance for past 15 days.

If you are interested, you can download them and plot the graphs in excel itself.

McGinely Dynamic indicator devised by John R.McGinley is a customized form of moving average and it has been stated as the most reliable indicator at Investopedia. This indicator is more responsive to raw data as compared to simple moving average or exponential moving average. McGinely dynamic is supposed to avoid whipsaws when compared with any moving averages. It looks like a moving average line yet it is a smoothing mechanism for prices that turns out to track far better than any moving average. It minimizes price separation, price whipsaws and hugs prices much more closely.

MD = MD-1 + (Price– MD-1) / (N * (Price/ MD-1 ) 4

MD-1  Indicator value for the previous candle or bar

Price: Price of the security

N: Smoothing factor

Check out a trading system based on McGinley Dynamic below along with its backtest report:

Do you mean,
Can you get the graph indicator based on your customized formula as imput?
Could you elaborate your question?

simple moving average indicator with a customised formula as a source.

Simple Moving Average is already a specific formula. If you change the formula, it will not be a SimplE Moving Average. It will be some customized curve.
If you want to do in 1 min data. This is possible. You can download and do it in excel.

what i am saying is simple moving average with the SOURCE as a costumized formula as opposed to high,low,close,etc… not the formula of the indicator.

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Moving Average can be done with any interval period, like 10 days 20 days, 15 min etc. But customized formula I dont know. Sorry, let some senior help you!

Nithin do mail the process and the cost for the same at [email protected]

Pradip, it is best you connect to us on this once we have launched Pi.