All experts here please share your experience .

yes ,100%,you may use virtual stopploss to confuse them,operator are real suckers,i hate them,go search youtube


I know but MARKET Order? As there is nothing specific price to execute. How will they knw?

stock equity is manipulating i am 99% sure,but not in case of forex currency or mcx,

,mt4 have virtual stoploss ,not in upstox or zerodha

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Sir, can you elaborate your 99% surensss. I would be most honored to learn from your enlightened opinions, sir.


NO! This has to be the most pervasive and sticky piece of bullshit out there in the market.


Which specific title to search please suggest

I agree with Sanket. There is no way operators can see your order details like stop loss etc until unless they are kick-ass hackers or have access to the brokers server.

Thank You guys.

Assume any operator is still able to see our trigger price. What difference it is going to make for them since most of our retail community trades is small voloume. Although I think it is one of biggest hoax spread around markets.

Uncle, they have all the stop loss data for intra-day trades.

Also for circuit stocks, they even have all the prices of retailers, which means they can reverse circuit around the price where most retailers average. E.g. Vakrangee.

They are not gods, they just have more info, and in this age of data analytics, they use tools and algo trading to fool us in trading.

Dont for once think you are on a level playing field.

Confused :frowning:

Any data, proof?

@DetectivE_A_2_Z Sir, Iā€™m waiting for your reply.

just like ask price and bid price they also know the stop loss orders.that is available to us .they know how all the average traders keeps the stop loss orders.because evereybody watching the same chart and some more or less same strategies.they guess this and they do opposite to that.

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