Can Rights issue be transferred from my demat acct A to my another acct B?

Hi All,
As you are aware Reliance industries have initiated rights issue and they have credited some rights entitlement to my demat account A held by me with say ICICI because my existing shares of reliance are in this demat account. I don’t do much trading as such so this is acct A not linked with any broker.

Now supposed I also have a trading and demat account B with Zerodha then in order to sell them thru Zerodha can I first do an off-market transfer using delivery instruction slip from my own ICICI Bank Demat Account A to my own Zerodha demat account B?
Is such a transfer of rights issue from my own account A to my own account B allowed?

The challenge is lockdown. If I sell thru a broker and then fail to reach ICICI bank for any reasons like police not allowing, the bank closed due to sudden changes in lockdown guidelines or any such events, within T+1 to submit DIS then I will be in trouble.

And suppose such a transfer is allowed and after I bring them in my Zerodha demat and if I do not take any action until June 3rd then how Reliance will know that now they need to be withdrawn from my Zerodha demat rather than earlier ICICI bank demat?

Any clarity will be great.
Thanks in advance. Take care and stay safe.
Best regards.

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The credit of the rights entitlement has happened over the weekend. You’ll be able to see the holdings on Console after today’s end of day processes.