Can some one recommend me a book on chart patterns?

can some one please recommend me a book on chart patterns, not books that say if this pattern appears, you can expect stock to go a certain way but I want books that say why certain pattern is appearing and why it is expected to go in certain way.

There are some pretty good technical analysis books covering chart patterns and a lot more on this link. There is even a description of what each book has to offer you, so you can choose accordingly.


Thanks for the link.

IMO learn this and the rest of the technical analysis becomes optional for Intraday Trading.

Don’t miss out on the chapter on Candle Volume Charts.

Hey, thanks for the reply. i have already read this book and I will say it is one of the best book. This book has huge impact on my trading in a positive way. She is going to release a new book in a couple of weeks and I’m waiting for it.
Thanks for the reply. Can you suggest any other book which you find is good?


thank u frnd for the link

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If you are looking for candle sticks chart analysis then go for this:

But it also depends upon the markets you are applying the analysis on, every market behaves differently. Therefore your technical analysis should be relavant to the market you are in, there are theories which are not applicable for the Indian markets many a times.

Don’t be obsessed with books, chart patterns, technicals. They don’t guarantee your success.
Every book receives mixed reviews. The on listed on Amazon also has both negative & positive reviews