Can some1 help with Option Premium Excel

Please can somebody tell me how to get the option premium for stocks in excel in real time.

My objective is that i have a list of 15-20 stocks, with certain details to it in 3-4 columns, say for instance one column is strike price, i want the next column to be current market premium of that option to be updated in real time in excel

Please somebody help THanks

Please see if this file can be of any use to you…

Download the file and save it on your desktop/ lappy

Its set on 5 mins auto-refresh.

To manually refresh it just press the Refresh All Button

Manual Refresh

I have provided only 4 scrips for now - can be added as per your choice :wink:


Nice work sir. But how to change the scrip of my choice?

Well that’s bit of a work…
The file’s work engine is in subsequent sheets and u need to edit the query to select the scrip of your choice…
Then in summary put the same to reflect the strikes. This I had taken up as a pilot development.
In days to come, shall definitely add atleast top 10 most liquid scrips of Nifty as stock options are seldom liquid as nifty / banknifty… :smile:


Given sheet is not updating anything. i

Nse has has limited or revoked nearly all the data scrapping options… Especially new site is the worst as far as I can opine… would need to find a better way to get it in excel…
Even Google finance function doesn’t provide any output…shall post once I find a solution